Rotary Extreme RX7 Visual

quick visual

I had the AB-Flug GTM body kit on my rx7 back in 2000, I went to sevenstock 4 with it. (I think the rims were Volk GTN’s)

I have 3 pics showing what the spoiler looks like in different angles.

I will use the AB-Flug GT7 widebody kit seen on the Panspeed time attack RX7, but it uses Panspeed sideskirts which I have.

The hood will be the R-Magic v. 2

Rims are Veilside as seen on the original red rx7 in the fast and the furious.

I had a Greddy T78 turbo kit and an Apexi front mount.

I went to Sevenstock 5 with this car – I was hooked for life.

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