Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 7 Parts Trade

Day 7

Oh man, where to start.

After finishing the FC VM GB……it was time to let go of my S4 Silver Turbo 2 (had a blown motor). Seriously Im really sad. I worked a deal with Mo at Palm Tree Rotary and did a package deal.

He got the car, body kit, bnr turbo, racing beat cat back..a ton of misc parts. Another S5 turbo engine and tranny, a good FD motor and a bad FD motor for parts.

1st Trip Started 4am Sat morning and I got home from the 2nd trip 2pm Sun. 250 miles each way. Me and the wifey spent the night in Porterville before making the final trip home.

I did score an Xcessive LIM from Mo … woot woot !!!!!!!!!!

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