Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 8 Used Parts

I ordered some used parts, I was lucky to get them. When they arrived – A steal on pricing turned into it was worth what I paid for. Still I saved a ton.

HKS Twin Power – harness cover burned, cut it open and wires were fine inside. Maybe an engine fire?

HKS turbo timer – had a loose object inside and found a diode got loose. maybe it got to hot and the solder melted or it wasn’t in the trace hole enough to begin with – anyways I fixed it. I wont know if it work until my cars all back together – sigh.

My FFE fuel rail set-up showed up.

Secondary rail had 34mm ID2000 with hats making them 48mm – (will probably use theID2000 with the CJ secondary rail w/fpd)

Primary rail has 48 ID1000

Aeromotive FPR and a fuel pressure gauge.

Some inserts are missing, also the 2 90 degree AN fittings are actually bent/twisted – bummer

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