The Digi Dizzy is the first 1st digital distributor for B D H and F Honda engines. Innovative, yet Simple Plug and Play system for Coil On Plug conversion.

DigiDizzy, Honda’s first fully digital distributor replacement, with coil on plug, just simply follow a few instructional steps and install. No cutting, splicing, modifying, soldering, chipping, tuning, external boxes, etc. etc. needed to go Coil On Plug.
Works with OBD1, OBD2, Stock, chipped, tuned, untuned, B Series, D Series, H Series, F Series, any ECU that would normally be able to work with the Honda distributor. No Mods needed, Plug&Play Coil On Plug Digital Distributor.

This complete distributor replacement brings in a new era of technology to highly beloved Honda’s of the late 80’s to early 2000’s with the use of the OBD1 ECU’ like the P05, P06, P07, P28, P72, P75, as well as the 96-01 P2E, P2P, P2T, P3F, PHK and many more.

By completely building from the ground up, we get rid of the troublesome VR Sensors (Variable Reluctance, A.C. voltage), aging and failing ICM (Ignition Control Module), Rotor Retention screw flights resulting in total annihilation on internals, Plug wire failures, distributor cap cracking, not to mention with this brand new unit you have new seals and a much larger and sturdier new bearing.

This single unit can be used on most D B H and F series engines. With user position programmability, you can move from one engine to another and simply set the engine to Cylinder 1 TDC, press the program button, start the engine and set timing as usual.

No Vehicle modifications necessary , completely Plug and Play with an addition of adding 1 engine ground wire. The signals generated from the DigiDizzy were created to replicate the 92-01 ECU’s, from the Del Sol, Civic, p28 and similar to the P2P, P2T, PHK, P3F.

Available for pre order , 200 in production.
Contact: PreOrderDigiDizzy@gmail.com to place an order.

$699 shipped within the USA, DigiDizzy and OBD1 OR OBD2 harness.

No coil bracket included, No coils included, Many options out there for those, we make the DigiDizzy, Harnesses in production will be sheathed.

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