Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 37 The 120 Degree

I FINALLY got the fuel fittings that I have been wanting for the sec fuel rail. I ordered a 6AN F to F 150 degree and 120 degree.

My initial thought of 150 degree was correct. The 120 degree ended up pointing the barb straight down at the turbo cross over oil/water line.

As usual I test fit everything then lined up the hose beside it and cut it to length. I put a little grease on the inside of the hose with my little aluminum rod tool and it slide on to the barbs just fine. I put the clamps over the hose and then pushed the hose onto the 150 degree barb first, then i pushed the hose onto the pri rail and last I mated the fitting to the sec fuel rail. I got some nice worm clamps from the hardware store that do not have any flat spots where it screws together. The best was to tighten these it to just do it until its snug. If you over tighten it you will see the rubber coming up throw the slots. I also re-positioned the the sec fuel injector so the connector is free from hitting the fuel line.

On the other side of the pri rail I just attached the reaming hose, I will cut it to length later once I know whats going on with it. I needed to install it so I can move forward with the individual solenoids and the modified solenoid rack and ignition coils.

I am storing the upper intake manifold on the engine – no where else to put

Sooooo – If you guys have been following my thread there is something that I had to live with and didn’t have the funds to fix it. Well thanks to the stimulus check I was able to take care of that situation and the parts are in the mail – can wait for that future update !!!!


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