Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 28 Sensors

Day 28

Banzai Racing stuff is so cool. The oil pedestal is dope !!

Parts that came in: Banzai stuff (oil pedestal, viton 1 way check valves, more belts). Misc 6AN to 5/16 barb fuel fittings, Hi Performance Store FD3S silicone hose kit and my Pilot bearing removal tool kit.

I tried to fit the 90 degree 6an to 5/16 barb on the rail and it was no bueno. It was hitting the front water housing assembly. I ordered a 150 degree 6AN F2F and a 6AN M to 5/16 barb for this. If that does not work I also ordered a tight radius piece that’s like 3 weeks out from China on Ebay (actually my first choice – less connections to leak) On the end I put a straight 5/16 barb but took it back off in favor of a 45 degree 6AN to 5/16 barb that I ordered today as well a bunch of other misc 6AN fittings. So Fuel still in progress. I cleaned an AC intermediate harness and stuck it back on the AC pump. I plugged in the PS pump connector and noticed the wire insulation coming off so I covered it with some black RTV.

I cleaned up and installed the factory oil temp and oil pressure sensors. I cut small strips of Teflon and put it on the back half of the threads to help with leaks. I choose the Banzai Oil pedestal over all because it does everything. Oil filer, sensors and main oil cooler line all go to it. It comes with plugs for unused holes and I can attach my aftermarket prosport sensors to it. I wanted to show how well its machined to the oil ports on the engine. You can see the outline of the grease from the o-rings circling the oil ports on the back plate. The nuts provided have the serrated flange head. Now I have a prosport and greddy sandwich plate for

One thing about getting older – its harder to see. For doing close up work I have to use a headlamp and some $10 Walmart 2.5 power glasses.

Im glad I have a ton of black o-rings, green AC specific o-rings and copper crush washers – it really helps with putting things back together. I wanted to get the water sensors in place so I cleaned them up and prepped for install. The front rubber spacer is still good and the threads are plastic so I wrapped it with Telfon and snugged it down. The front water sensor also had some torn insulation so I laid it in the orientation that it would be routed and then I put some black RTV on it. The back upper water temp sensor with the green plug got a new crush washer. The lower back sensor is the fan control. While cleaning it I thought the tip was dirty so I took my finger nail to it and a piece chipped off exposing a very small wire sticking out. This did not look right to me so I did some research and found out the the little tip coating had corroded off. So I also ordered a new fan control sensor – hopefully it comes with a new o-ring. Lastly I was wondering about the extra hole on my thermostat housing. The threads were gunky so I chased the threads with a 1/8 NPT tap. I did not tap it any deeper, just chased it to clean it. I vacuum out the old gunk and screwed in my Prosport water temp gauge sensor. I added 2 wraps of Teflon and it sealed up nice right at the end but I might want to use some RTV instead. I see 2 wires for the sensor so maybe it does not have to be grounded to the engine. I think I’ll pull it back out and I’ll hook some leads up to it and heat it up and see if I get a change on the meter. If I do then I’ll reinstall with some RTV.

Taking a break for tomorrow.

Have a happy shelter in place !!

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