Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 29 Pilot Bearing

Day 29

I wanted to install the clutch and pressure plate today but I ran into some issues.

Pilot Bearing was seized inside – I could not get it out for the life of me with the slide hammer. I read all the tricks about bread, grease, homemade tools….well I got it out and heres what I had to do.

I did not have the exact correct size and the smaller puller that fit inside was unable to expand behind the bearing. Just to get the larger bearing remover tool inside I had to drill out the pilot bearing Now I was able to get a good bite and after 30 minutes of messing around I gave up on the puller and slide hammer. I took my trusty porting bits and grinded down the from bearing seal until it had a small notch. Then I used a small screwdriver and tapped the lip up until I was able to grab it with the dike and pull it out.

After I got the from seal out I tried for another 30 min minutes of messing around I gave up again on the puller and slide hammer. Sooooo I did the same thing with the shell of the pilot bearing. I grinded it down until I had a channel. The I used a small screw driver and tapped it in with a hammer until I could bend up a lip. I eventually was able to get it to bend enough so I could grab it with the dike a pull it out.

It was a complete mess on the inside so I wrapped a socket in sand paper and smoothed everything out on the inside.

You can see whats left of the pilot bearing and the seal next to the new parts.

I put the new one in using a socket with the same diameter and it went in pretty damn snug. I spun the bearing with my finger and everything felt fine. I greased it up with my aluminum welding rod trick and then placed the seal in with the seal facing the bearing and the metal exposed edge facing out. I also had to tap this in with the deep socket.

I thought I bought an alignment tool but that was not the real problem at all. The real question is did I get a legit clutch from Racing Beat !?!?!?!?!?!

My original clutch is made by California Custom Clutch for Racing Beat.

On Racing Beats site the 6 puck sprung clutch and the California Custom Stage 6 puck sprung clutch match my old clutch.

Racing Beat –

California Custom Clutch –

The clutch I received Does not have the slots in the middle of each puck, the springs are not retained the same way and there in no marking for clutchnet mfg.

Old clutch: matches pictures, slots on pucks, springs have separate metal retainer on both sides with small windows and clutch say clutchnet mfg.

New Clutch: does not match picture or my clutch, full face covering springs on top, bottom piece is the actual clutch cut open to retain the rest of the spring, no slots on the puck and no clutchnet mfg name.

I emailed Racing Beat and California Custom Clutch – design change?? wrong clutch shipped??

While I wait for this issue I need to get another digital tq wrench that can go from 0 to 100lbs and the correct alignment tool.

Lastly I painted the 2nd turbo inlet pipe.

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