Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 15 BOUSOZOKU

Day 15

so – in my quest to be BOUSOZOKU

Im going to paint all the aluminum parts with a glitter look. VHT cast aluminum, coated with glitter then sealed with VHT gloss coat – I heated the face of the test piece with a 900F heat gun and it held up fine.

I painted the Turbo water pipe line a nice blue color with a satin clear finish.

I also polished the turbo heat shield just a little bit.


I got some parts in with the money I made from my garage sale.

I have a small tear in the drivers seat – gonna try to repair it with a leather repair kit , if it doesn’t work its ok because- Im putting black wool seat cover over my seats anyways.

150amp alternator, Banzai Racing black pulley kit, ( black so all the pulleys match – keeping the factory main pulley). Pineapple Racing normal Idler pulley, CJ Motorsports secondary fuel rail kit with FPD and Fuel Pressure Gauge, CJ Motorsports relay harness kit for the fuel pump and ign coil power mod. Rubber caps for open van lines, Xcessive oil filler neck for the Xcessive LIM I have, new throw out bearing and pilot bearing, new shifter bushing, water pump gasket, Rotary Performance O2 sensor, oil pedestal adapter for oil temp and pressure gauges and last but not least that awesome solenoid upgrade kit from Eric…woot woot !!!!!!!!!

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