Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 16 Touchups

Day 16

2 more parts arrived. My replica B&M short shifter and I got back my injectors from RC Engineering. I am so thankful I did this – probably saved me a motor.

I was checking the ported wastegate and found out it would stick open sometimes. On the flapper door were some abrasions – maybe from when I was doing the porting. Also the ported area towards the back was right at the limit. I put a smooth rounded edge on the flapper door and also rounded the back edge of the port. I flipped the door 100 times straight and no more sticking – hope it works. Next time its best to leave more material in the back to prevent it from catching.

I repainted the orange part on the engine with clear coat, I will let it dry a few days before applying tape to paint the green part again. I also painted the 3 actuators flat black with the sating finish. The exhaust shields and the turbo actuator for the main manifold I just clear coated with the satin 2000F paint. I just want to see if the clear holds up and prevents rust, corrosion and whatever.

I think its the turbo pre-spool actuator – it has some oil on the inside, I flushed it with some electrical cleaner – I guess from sitting upside down it had a chance to come out. I may have to re-paint this guy.

I also cleaned the main manifold and both turbo CHRA’s to be painted. Eagle one does wonders !!!

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