Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 17 Manifold and Paint

Day 17

Painted both turbo CHRA’s and the main exhaust manifold VHT header black with satin black 2000f paint. I painted my first glitter pieces – the turbo compressor housings.

I finally finished re-painting the engine. I wanted to redo the green and when I pulled the tape off the orange some paint came off. I sprayed the orange paint into a cap and used a q-tip for the touch up. I used VHT gloss engine paint to coat the whole engine – its shinny now.

I also painted the pri turbo oil return pipe that goes to the front cover the same color as the engine. This way the two SS oil return lines will stand out.

Parts – I finally got my diff back – looks cool with the new greddy back cover.

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