Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 26 Fuel Spacers

Day 26 Maannn.

So all in all, I was just really missing the primary fuel rail spacer, still good thing it was missing because it prompted me to do some further investigation.

I looked a little closer into the pri fuel ports and low and behold the diffusers were in there. Since I already bought new ones I wanted to pull these out for inspection – good thing I did. The rubber seals were shot !!!!!!!!!!! I used a broken bolt remover tool to get the diffusers out.

The pri rail outside rubber isolators weren’t that bad, but they are still going to be replaced.

Im using Banzai racing FPD delete write up and putting 1/4 NPT with 5/16 barb on both sides of the pri fuel rail.I didn’t want to ruin my pri rail paint job so I bolted it to a bracket and then held the bracket on the vice. After tapping the threads there was some roughens on the inside where the fuel injector o-ring sits. I used some 1500 grit to sand it smooth. I greased the injector o-rings and put them back into the fuel rail and now they are just chillin in place waiting on parts.

For the secondary fuel rail I ended up using 8×1.25 – 90mm to hold the rail in place. I grabbed my black AEM FPR from a stash of fuel parts I’ll be selling later on. I ended up getting a 90 degree 6an female to 5/16 barb and running a fuel line to the PRI rail. the other side of the sec rail will have a straight 6an to 5/16 barb going to a fuel line then up to the FPR. I bought a bunch of 6an to 5/16 barb fittings to finish this all up.

I also installed the AC back on, the tensioner and the main pulley.

Parts – I finally got my Racing Beat clutch in !!! I also got some misc wire loom sizes so I can re-wrap the harness once I have it all organized.

Day 26 update

I see I did not call this update Day 26 originally but thats what it was.

Im adding how parts were measured and some sizes.

*** These measurements are for use with the Xcessive Manufacturing LIM Only *** I don’t know if it will work with the stock LIM.

CJ motorsports secondary rail with fuel pulsation damper – for 48mm injectors

34mm ID2000 with top hats

8×1.25 – 90mm with washer on top under the head of the bolt

The spacers for the rail were cut down to approx 47mm – this gives some pressure on the o-rings when bolted down.

The last 2 pics are new, hope this helps.

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