Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 32 Lower Control Arms

Day 32

What can I say….Eagle One mag and wheel cleaner is the shizzz

I wanted to clean the rear upper and lower control arms before putting in the new pillow ball bushings. I hit it up with a wire wheel and then cleaned them with the mag cleaner – omg !!

After the arms cleaned I pressed in the new bushings. I used a 29mm to support the arm where the bushing stops in the bottom of the hole. Then I used a 28mm to press down on the bushing. The 28 is good because it needs to push down into the hole without getting stuck. On one side of the bushing it has a shaved down section and that goes in first. Once down I then instThe pillow balls already come greased so all I had to do was install the dust shields. The dust shields press into a groove and are really secure. I also glued a rubber isolator onto the rear lower control arm.

Last thing today was to change the front brakes. It all went together smoothly, only question is do you guys have any experience with “BLUE” brake fluid ????

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