Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 31 Thread Locker

Day 31

Ok – I got the blue thread locker that’s meant to be removable, and of course its in a red tube. I mean really…whats up with that ?!?!?!? Maybe its a sneaky way to double their sales. Marketing was all like – hey guys lets sell the permanent red thread locker in the blue tube and then well sell the removable blue thread locker in the red tube. Anyways pressure plate is tq to 20ft lbs.

I got another fuel fitting in and 4 more of the rear suspension pillow balls in, I’m going to just replace all 6.

I got the rear end on the car using a jack. Once in place I bolted up the rear cross brace and hooked up a strop to hold the front of the diff up and to also limit pressure on the rear Greddy cover. The rear Greddy cover BARELY clears.

For the rear suspension Im going to replace the pillow ball on the rear upper control arm and the 2 in each rear lower control arms. I was told you just pull off the dust shield, pop off the c-ring and it’ll just come out. smh.. I had to pull off the dust shields with pliers which felt like they had some glue. After removing the c-ring I used a 22mm socket and pressed out the pillow ball. Luckily I got some spare rear suspension pieces because the left rear lower control arm was slightly bent. You can see it in the pics. Next will be to clean the control arms and press the bearings back in.

My pillow balls had some play. After taking off the dust shield you can see where water leaked in and damaged the inside. The pillow ball has two different sides and the side that is completely flush is going out with the c-ring.

Making progress.

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