Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 35 Second Stab Seat Repair

Day 35

Second stab at the seat repair – I’m going to leave it alone because I’m at my limit as far as leather repair skills go.

I used a bent razor blade and shaved down the high spots. Then I tried to make a dam to fill the low spots which failed miserably. I shook the bottle like the label says and when I tried to pour the sealer it was full of bubbles – waited 4 hours for them to go away because I didn’t want swiss cheese fill.

I bought a nice Xacto set and when I tried to use it …it just pulled the fill instead of cutting it. What the heck is this stuff made of. I had to use my electrical wire cutters to cut the high spots off. Then I filled the canyon like gaps on the sides that showed up after me pulling it all over the place testing out how strong the repair was. – its solid. After all was cured I cut the high spots again and re-painted it with the rubber paint. Its light black at first and when it drys its more shinny.

I’m definitely leaving it alone now.

Its a solid kit – for the win !!!!!!

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